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Platform for technological expertise in decarbonization

Swiss industry is making a valuable contribution to meeting the challenges thrown up by climate change. The New Energy Systems (NES) Industry sector offers Swiss businesses and stakeholders in the energy industry a platform for discourse on issues such as decarbonization and defossilization. It brings together global companies, SMEs and start-ups.

The Industry sector focuses on innovative technologies and applications along the value chain. These encompass energy production (solar, wind, H2/hydrogen, synthetic fuels, etc.), energy storage, energy transmission and distribution, application/electrification and energy management systems, including sector coupling.

Dialogue with stakeholders is another focal point. This includes the customer side, such as large energy consumers and local authorities, waste incineration facilities and the innovation and research realm spanning universities (incl. universities of applied sciences) through to the large research institutes within the ETH Domain, such as PSI and EMPA.

Of equal importance are the relationships with associations that play a key role in the energy industry. The Industry sector maintains dialogue with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and monitors political developments.

Our services

  • Regular exchange of information and invitations to domain-specific events
  • Networking for global businesses, SMEs and start-ups
  • Close cooperation with universities (of applied sciences) and technical institutes
  • Promotion of synergies between theory and practice
  • Company visits, excursions and training options covering current issues

The benefits to you

  • You keep abreast of events and are familiar with current issues, technologies and innovations in the energy industry.
  • Intensive networking within the Industry sector gives you the opportunity to extend your viewpoint and perspective.
  • The ability to enter into cooperative ventures and exchange expertise with other businesses or research institutes allows you to drive your own business development.
  • You forge valuable personal contacts that help you professionally.

Interested? Become a member of the «New Energy Systems» Industry sector and benefit from this powerful network. Roger Sonderegger looks forward to hearing from you.

Members of the sector

An overview of our member companies’ technologies and competencies is available for downloading (in German).
The English version will be available at a later date.
Competence matrix

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