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Cutting tools for industry

This Industry sector brings together manufacturers of precision tools. They produce cutting tools used for applications such as milling, drilling, turning, reaming and threading. The sector also hosts manufacturers of clamping tools, grinding tools and hard coatings.

Thanks to their sophisticated geometries and innovative coatings, tools from Switzerland are known for their long service life and high performance. These features also contribute significantly to lowering costs for end users. Swiss tool manufacturers are highly export-oriented and have a presence in all of the major export markets.

The Industry sector consolidates and coordinates the common interests of its members both at home and abroad. It is a member of the European Cutting Tool Association (ECTA).

Our services

  • Regular sharing of experiences and cultivation of contacts among sector members
  • Organizing joint appearances (Swiss pavilions) at leading trade fairs
  • Organizing industry-specific talks and seminars for training and development
  • Organizing the cutting seminar. This takes place once every two years at three different locations in Switzerland. The cutting seminar provides an overview of the latest industry technologies
  • Once a year, preparing a printed industry report

The benefits to you

  • Exchanges with technical experts from other companies on business matters, technological trends and innovations.
  • Access to industry- and sector-specific information, statistics and forecasts.
  • Opportunity to cultivate and expand your international network at the annual ECTA conferences.
  • Access to the industry sector’s close-knit national network.
  • Platform at the cutting seminar.

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Precision Tools

This Industry sector brings together manufacturers of precision tools as well as clamping tools,…

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