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10 principles

As one of the key export sectors, technology industry makes a major contribution to Switzerland’s prosperity. For this it needs good operating conditions, ranging from a business-friendly export regime through a flexible labour market to effective climate protection thanks to technological progress. All 10 Swissmem principles of Team Tech Industry, comprising the main demands relating to education and innovation as well as to energy policy, foreign trade policy and labour market policy, can be found here:

  1. We work to secure the bilateral approach in our relationship with the European Union, as the EU is our most important trading partner. Key to achieving this is a rapid resolution of the outstanding questions with the EU together with an electricity agreement and the conclusion of a contract by mid-2024.
  2. We are committed to securing new and improved free trade agreements as well as a generally pragmatic, business-friendly export regime for technology industry goods. International trade increases prosperity both in Switzerland and globally, and the jobs it provides strengthen education, healthcare and environmental protection. The technology industry makes a particularly big contribution here, with its exports of valuable and environmentally friendly goods.
  3. We combat the rise in regulation and defend entrepreneurial freedom.  
  4. We campaign for a liberal labour market, by combating new restrictions at all levels and achieving targeted areas of flexibility. The pragmatic Swiss social partnership is a successful model. Tax incentives as well as good childcare offerings foster the highest possible level of workforce participation, allowing Switzerland to better exploit its workforce potential, alleviate the skills shortage, and ultimately diminish migratory pressure.
  5. We want a strong innovation and technology environment in Switzerland. Thanks to excellent technology networks, an internationally renowned higher education and research base, support for tech-related research and a close working relationship with Europe, the technology industry remains innovative and thus successful in international competition.  
  6. We protect the climate thanks to technological progress, instead of ordering people to do without. We want to reach net zero by 2050. The technology industry is contributing to the fight against climate change with investments in Switzerland and exports of innovative products. We are looking to rapidly exploit the potential in solar, wind and water power, as well as new technologies such as PtoX and energy efficiency.
  7. We fight to ensure that openness to different forms of technology, technical exchanges and innovation form the foundation for finding solutions to society’s problems. We understand and promote digitalization and automation as an opportunity for our economy and our country.
  8. We are working to achieve an increase in domestic power production based on all CO2-neutral technologies and to see Switzerland integrated into the EU electricity market. Speeding up all approval procedures is key here. In this way we can secure the electricity supply at competitive prices as well as network stability despite massively higher future electricity demand to achieve net zero.  
  9. We promote the dual education system as well as practice-oriented education and training. Digitalization is a key part of this. A future- and labour market-oriented education system is the foundation for long-term job security, social stability and innovation.
  10. We stand up for a Swiss security industry which supplies our armed forces reliably and at the same time is recognized and connected internationally as a dependable supplier. That is how we are working to ensure Switzerland’s security.  

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Noé Blancpain
Head of Communications and Public Affairs
+41 44 384 48 65 +41 44 384 48 65 n.blancpain@swissmem.ch

Last update: 13.06.2023