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Internationally successful, based in Switzerland

Employing some 320,000 people, the MEM industries are by far the largest industrial employer in Switzerland and, with exports of around CHF 63 billion, account for 30% of total Swiss exports. The sector consists mainly of SMEs, with 99 percent of companies employing fewer than 250 people. More than 59 percent of the goods exported by the MEM industries are destined for the EU.


Today, the MEM industries represent an extremely multi-faceted high-tech sector. From furnishings and mobility to nutrition, and from healthcare to security, they touch on all areas of life and business. A large number of companies in the Swiss MEM industries are international leaders in their sub-sector. Market success abroad thus plays a vital role in Switzerland’s success as a centre of industry and research.


The MEM industries are Switzerland’s biggest industrial sector. Swiss industry as a whole accounted for 17 percent of the country's gross domestic product in 2008; the MEM industries’ contribution to this value added was 7 percent. 

Geared to the world market

Around 80 percent of the MEM industries’ output is exported. Overall the MEM industries account for 30 percent of Switzerland's total exports.

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