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Energy efficiency

The MEM industries can make a significant contribution to climate protection, reliability of supply and resource conservation. As part of the ‘Energy-efficient machines and devices’ project, Swissmem is developing planning aids for specific product development-related issues.

As part of the ‘Energy-efficient machines and devices’ project, Swissmem is developing planning and implementation aids for specific issues arising from the field of energy-optimized product design. A factsheet (in German) summarizes the key points of the project. Three project work streams were launched in April 2011 with the support of the SwissEnergy programme.

Planning aid for recovering waste heat from production machinery

Production machinery frequently emits large quantities of waste heat which it is not yet standard practice to recover. Since April 2011, a taskforce has been working on a planning aid to make it easier for production machinery manufacturers to design effective heat recovery interfaces.
Brief description of waste heat recovery work stream (in German)

Optimum machine and machine component control

Machinery and systems are currently designed in such a way that 50 to 70% of the energy they consume in real-life environments is constant – i.e. process-independent. Since April 2011, a taskforce has been working on a concept that will help make it possible for machine components to shut down (automatically) or run at reduced power in non-productive phases.
Brief description of optimum control work stream (in German)

Optimum use of production systems thanks to energy monitoring

The impact that users have on production machinery’s energy consumption – by optimizing certain areas of the process, by planning production orders differently or by switching off part or all of the machinery – should not be underestimated. Matters could be simplified by a monitoring system that shows users what effect their actions are having on machinery energy consumption. From July 2011 a taskforce will be laying the foundations of an energy monitoring system that will assist users in their individual efforts to optimize consumption.

Brief description of energy monitoring work stream(in German)


EU ecodesign directive

In its ecodesign directive (2005/32/EC) the EU is defining new efficiency requirements for energy-using and energy-relevant products. Swissmem will inform its members about the development and implementation of these legal requirements.


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