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Switzerland's mechanical and electrical engineering industries (MEM industries) are technology sectors with a high degree of innovative capacity and creative energy. Every day over 320,000 people in Switzerland’s MEM businesses are working on pioneering solutions for sustainable mobility, urbanization and digitalization. Moreover, with their high level of technological expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, the MEM industries make a significant contribution worldwide to efficient generation and use of energy, production, operating and food resources as well as generally contributing to prudent use of natural resources.

The SME-dominated MEM industries combine traditional manufacturing expertise with innovative, future-oriented technologies. Their companies operate in the traditional areas of mechanical engineering and metalworking, electrical engineering and electronics, as well as the precision instruments sector. In addition, they develop new solutions in dynamic technology fields such as sensor technology, photonics, robotics, additive manufacturing or industrial IT. Many Swiss MEM companies rank among the world’s leading suppliers.

The MEM industries generate 7.1% (2018) of Switzerland’s GDP, thus occupying a key position in the country's economy. With around 320,000 employees, including 18,000 trainees, they are the biggest industrial employer in Switzerland. 

Geared to the world market

The sector accounts for almost a third of Switzerland’s total goods exports, with a value of CHF 69.7 billion (2018).

With exports accounting for 79% of their output, the MEM industries are highly export-oriented. The fact that the Swiss MEM companies employ more than 500,000 people outside of Switzerland is another indication of their close intertwinement with the world economy. The EU is the MEM industries’ most important sales market by far, accounting for 60% of all exports, followed by the USA (14%) and China (6%). Market success abroad plays a vital role in Switzerland’s success as a centre of industry and research.

Did you know that… the MEM industries employ around 320,000 people in Switzerland?

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Last update: 22.02.2019