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Digitalization driving change in the tech industry

The digitalization of the tech industry is an all-encompassing transformation process that is fundamentally changing the way in which companies manufacture and manage their products and launch them on the market. The use of digital technologies and concepts helps them increase their efficiency and productivity, and develop new business models.

Digitalization not only improves operational processes, but also creates strategic advantages by enabling companies to adapt to changing market requirements and to tap into new business opportunities:

  • By using digital technologies, companies can monitor and control their production processes in real time, leading to a significant reduction in downtime, improved product and service quality, and the optimization of  manufacturing processes.
  • Products and services can be individualized thanks to flexible production methods, which are also based on digital technologies.
  • Large-scale data analyses provide in-depth insights into customer needs and market trends, resulting in innovative products and services.
  • And last but not least, digital platforms and networked devices are opening up new opportunities for business models.

The companies in the tech industry are at different stages of the digital transformation process. Many firms are integrating digital technologies in order to improve their operational processes. They are also increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with different ways of connecting devices and storing, structuring, analysing and using data. However, SMEs in particular are facing financial, organizational and legal challenges when it comes to exploiting the potential of digitalization and deploying new technologies strategically. The key question here is  what do I need to bear in mind for my specific use case?

The increasing networking of machines and systems thus not only opens up great potential, but also poses challenges such as security risks due to cyber attacks. Companies need to invest in robust security systems and data protection measures, as well as considering the legal issues and current regulatory efforts.

Next Industries

Next Industries - the platform to strengthen digital transformation in the workplace Switzerland

inspire - transfer - network 

Industry 2025 becomes Next Industries. The successful platform supports and strengthens the manufacturing industry in the digital transformation. Next Industries has its finger on the pulse of the times, tracks down new topics and pools knowledge and accumulated experience. Industrial companies, solution providers and universities are networked via the platform, the discussion is promoted and deepened in events. From practice for practice is central and enables the community to make application-oriented transfers to its own subject areas. 

Swissmem is one of the associations sponsoring Next Industries.

For further information, please visit www.nextindustries.ch


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Dr. Adam Gontarz
Head of Digitalization, Innovation and Technology
+41 44 384 48 44 +41 44 384 48 44 a.gontarz@swissmem.ch
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