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Contact Person Dr. Adam GontarzDr. Adam Gontarz
Head of Digitalization, Innovation and Technology
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Support for technical clarifications and identifying solutions

As the complexity of production technology increases, access to external knowledge is becoming ever more important. Swissmem has a network of experts and provides information to help industrial companies with technical issues.

In the area of production technology, the technical complexity of products and services is continually increasing. The challenge here is to ensure that the HR resources and necessary expertise are available within the company. It may be useful to call on external networks during the development of technical solutions. Access to knowledge-sharing opportunities and information on standards or technical benchmarks, for example, is also becoming increasingly relevant.

Companies that require assistance with technical issues can benefit from the broad specialist network offered by Swissmem in this area. Our experts can answer many questions on technological challenges ranging from software and hardware solutions through to standards, legal issues or country-specific regulations.

Our services

  • Initial technical advice and indications: Who can help? What are the usual solutions?
  • Brief technical research for an overview of the individual topics
  • Technology assessment and monitoring (establishing potential and resources, real-life examples)
  • National and international network of experts in industry and research
  • Clarification and support with the implementation of technical solutions

The benefits for you

  • Access to a wide network in the technology sector
  • Initial help and independent solution indications for technical issues
  • Brief research on specific technical topics
  • Information on current and relevant technical topics
  • Overview of the most important standards, guidelines and activities
  • Opportunity to be actively or passively involved in standardization

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Adam Gontarz
Head of Digitalization, Innovation and Technology
+41 44 384 48 44 +41 44 384 48 44 a.gontarz@swissmem.ch
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Last update: 01.03.2022