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Regulating the relationships between employers and employees

Labour law, or employment law, regulates the relationships between employers and employees. Comprising a number of different acts, it sets out the rights and obligations of both parties. The MEM industries are additionally subject to a collective employment agreement (CEA), which also contains stipulations regarding working conditions.

Typical labour-related topics that require regulation are, for example, the employment contract, working hours, notice periods for termination, holiday allowances, overtime, secondary employment, continuation of salary payments during illness or after an accident, and work testimonials.

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Characteristic of labour law is the large number of legal regulations and issues it covers. Swissmem's lawyers are available to member companies needing advice on any of the various aspects. Their professional support also includes the regular publication of articles on important topics of relevance to labour law, as well as discussing recent court rulings and organising events.

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