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Companies can come to Swissmem for competent and practice-oriented legal advice, free of charge. Qualified specialists will respond to questions on employment and commercial law.

Swissmem member firms benefit from professional legal advice, free of charge. In the core areas of labour law and commercial law, they can count on legal experts with subject-area expertise, hands-on experience and access to international networks. The specialist teams answer your legal questions competently and promptly.

Our services

  • Support with problems relating to employment and commercial law (advice and guideline templates)
  • Support in the event of necessary restructuring
  • Access to international network via Ceemet and Orgalim
  • Advice on industry-relevant contracts and terms and conditions
  • Advice on EU technical law

The benefits to you

  • Competent and practice-oriented answers to questions on employment and commercial law matters
  • Free service delivering prompt answers.
  • Access to the vast expertise and industry knowledge of our advisers.
«Swissmem offers a competent and practice-oriented legal advice service for SMEs. Questions on employment law or contractual matters receive a response with very little waiting time.»

Climeworks AG
Dominique Kronenberg, COO


Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

+41 44 384 41 11 +41 44 384 41 11 info@swissmem.ch
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Last update: 26.06.2019