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As a business, you define strategies and action areas relating to your skilled employees. As an industry service organization, Swissmem is there to assist you. From developing young talent, to issues such as reconciling work and family life, to concepts for older employees, Swissmem can provide a variety of tools.

We can help you to move forward with your HR strategy.

Our services

  • Developing young talent, recruitment: Promoting STEM subjects, marketing of different professions, employer branding & recruiting
  • Women and families: Advice on work-life balance, gender diversity and positive action for women
  • Older employees: Best practices, career development, health management (PowerMEM)

The benefits to you

  • Strengthening of your positioning on the labour market
  • Additional network for sourcing new employees
  • Ideas for your employer culture, reconciling work and family life and positive action for women
  • Ideas and assistance on issues relating to older employees

Our services in this area

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Swissmem collects and regularly publishes industry key figures.

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Last update: 19.07.2019