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Commitment to the next generation

No next generation, no future. That’s why vocational training traditionally enjoys a very high degree of prominence in the MEM industries. We work hard to ensure that basic vocational training is always in step with the times and remains attractive to young people.

Swissmem’s vocational training school is the centre of excellence and service centre for vocational training relating to the Swiss MEM industries. This specialist unit develops a range of learning materials for companies with training programmes, out-of-house training centres and vocational schools. It also provides support for the industry qualification process and works actively to further develop the different professions. The focus here is on the fields of mechanical engineering, design engineering, automation, electronics, commercial professions (with an industry focus) and IT.

Internationally successful

Many medal wins by apprentices at WorldSkills competitions show that vocational training in the Swiss MEM industries ranks among the best in the world. By developing the dual vocational training system, Swissmem’s vocational training school assures and strengthens the competitiveness of its members and of the whole of Switzerland as a business location in the national and international market.

Last update: 18.07.2019